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AD 2640 game – production calculation sheet

AD2640 is “Free Space MMO 4x strategy” Game.

Link: Game

It is web browser game. Do not need install anything.
Player community is not big. Couple of hundreds active players. Very friendly and helpful environment.(global + help + alliance chats)
It is localized only in English language.
Active developers are present and ready to help.
Game is running in cycles, so new updates and improvements are implemented periodically.
New players can start on the same start line with others by the new cycle start.
It is possible to play on mobile phone, but it is not optimized for smaller screen.
Is really charge free. If you like, you can buy “credits” to support game developments and to have small mostly cosmetical improvements. (Planet & Commander names, commanders uniforms, faces …) “ranking” 9/10

Excel file for production calculation/planning (NEO & STRON)
Beta version
ad2640 excel production calculations

Column C is for planning ships count.(How many new ships) Needed resources are calculated.
Column B is for calculating strength.(How will be final count (existing + new/planned ships)) Strength, ratios are calculated.
Rows 21, 22 you can insert actual numbers for resources output and hours accumulating them.