Sep 112012

We are proud to present you new member of our “Randomizers” family: 😉

Page is able to generate Your lucky numbers. Which has countless application in real life situations.

Lotto positive will found it certainly usefull.

Page generates maximum 10 iterations of maximum 100 values from interval 0 – 100.

Default setting is 6 / 49, no zeros, no duplicates, 1 iteration.

This can be changed by user.

Aug 152012

Simple presentation of php random function –

Page is refreshed after click on the Button. Picture YES  or NO is loaded according to results of random function.

How its made
<input type="button" value="Yes or No ?" onClick="window.location.reload()">
if (rand(0,1) == 0) {
echo "<img src=\"no.jpg\" alt=\"no\" title=\"no\" border=\"0\" height=\"40\" width=\"80\">";
else {
echo "<img src=\"yes.jpg\" alt=\"yes\" title=\"yes\" border=\"0\" height=\"40\" width=\"80\">";

Czech version 
German version 
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Portugal version 
Russian version 
Slovak version