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Rock paper scissors proudly presents a new member of randomizer family. Well known game “Rock paper scissors”

Rock Paper Scissors gameRock Paper Scissors game

Page presents php rand function in role of computer “player”, which randomly selects from three hand positions.

Have fun ! 😉

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Labyrinth Objective of the game
How to play
How its made

New subdomain named was added.
First – level 0 – maze is only simple 3 x 3 grid. Shortest way is only 5 steps.
Try your luck. 😉


Objective of the game
Goal of the game is to find exit of the Labyrinth and leveling up the hero – small green dragon.

How to play
Player is watching labyrinth from the top. Navigation is possible to 4 direction – north, east, south, west, if there is no wall.
One players step means one cell of the labyrinth.
Player can use arrows around the cell to navigate.

How its made
Only what you need is basic knowledge of html table and navigation between pages and couple of images for navigation and building blocks – walls, crossroads, corners.

Each labyrinth “Cell” consists of 4 Cells (NW, NE, SW, SR). If we fill them with pictures mentioned below, we can easily model labyrinth cell viewed from top.
Basically there are 3 types of building blocks:

( + rotations for SW, NW and NE – 4 images at overall)
Crossroad – Junction
( + rotations for SW, NW and NE – 4 images at overall)
Wall – Tunnel
( + rotations for SW, NW and NE – 4 images at overall) OR ( + rotations for SSW, NNW, NNE, NEE … – 8 images at overall)

You can check the result here :