Fun Randomizers

Yes or no generator, new languages FI, NO, DA, SV, NL, IT

Added new language versions of Yes or No Generator . :

Italian – IT – Sì o no 
Finnish – FI – kyllä vai ei 
Norwegian – NO – ja eller nei 
Dutch – NL – ja of nee 
Swedish – SV – ja eller nej 
Danish – DA – ja eller nej 


Yes or No Generator

Simple presentation of php random function –

Page is refreshed after click on the Button. Picture YES  or NO is loaded according to results of random function.

How its made
<input type="button" value="Yes or No ?" onClick="window.location.reload()">
if (rand(0,1) == 0) {
echo "<img src=\"no.jpg\" alt=\"no\" title=\"no\" border=\"0\" height=\"40\" width=\"80\">";
else {
echo "<img src=\"yes.jpg\" alt=\"yes\" title=\"yes\" border=\"0\" height=\"40\" width=\"80\">";

Czech version 
German version 
Spanish version 
French version 
Portugal version 
Russian version 
Slovak version